June 27, 2019


In recent weeks, there has been an increase in the intensity level placed throughout all media outlets about the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, the news is not good. The last thing a family needs when that happens is for it to be called “fake news”. These families need compassion and a line of communication to ensure they obtain all the possible information available about how their loved ones died, not only for their comfort, but for the comfort of those of us who may be planning trips to the Dominican Republic.
June 20, 2018

Immigration . . . It’s Complicated

Before you judge the people coming from Central America and Mexico who are illegally crossing the U.S. border, walk a step or two in their shoes. We are extraordinarily privileged to have been born in a country that is a stable democracy and a world economic powerhouse providing us Americans with opportunities allowing us access to the world and freedoms beyond the imagination of most of humanity...
January 9, 2018

Ambassador Brewster Responds to Trump’s Immigration Policy

The United States executive branch of government, or more commonly known as the White House, is continuing to move toward a more isolationist approach to immigration and in recent weeks it appears to be gaining momentum. President Donald Trump has made aggressive approaches to alter current immigration polices for no other reason than an attempt to negotiate an archaic campaign policy at the expense of human compassion. He promised to build a wall along the border between the Unites States and Mexico...
January 15, 2017

Why Do You Hate?

Why do people hate, I have no idea but I do know God gave us life, not to hate, but to love. So for those of you who continue to call me vulgar names, hate me for who I am . . . my only question is, why do you hate?..