Inspiring others to accomplish the unimaginable and live far beyond any limitations placed upon them, BREAKING PROTOCOL is the bestselling novel that tells the passionate and heartwarming true story of how Bob J. Satawake, the first gay diplomatic spouse in the Western Hemisphere, navigated finding himself thrust into the frontlines of a historic and unnecessarily controversial tour of duty — ultimately revealing the extraordinary power that can come from using kindness, love, and diplomacy to overcome hate, intolerance, and the rigid protocols placed upon us.


Bob is an accomplished writer and blogger. His debut book, BREAKING PROTOCOL, is available now. Bob is also a frequent contributing writer to various news publications regarding humanitarian rights and marginalized people, in addition to publishing an online blog – CURATED INSIGHT – where he shares his experiences and thoughts on timely humanitarian and legislative causes in the world.


Speaker & Lecturer

Bob is a highly regarded speaker and lecturer. He has spoken before international institutions, universities, nonprofits, and other outlets regarding corporate social responsibility, diversity & inclusion, and promoting human rights.

Former Diplomat

Bob most recently served as the senior policy advisor to Ambassador James “Wally” Brewster in the Dominican Republic. As a former diplomat, Bob maintains relationships at the highest levels of government and the private sector, focusing on foreign policy relationships that forward the stability of emerging democracies.

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Defender of Human Rights

Bob has been a lifelong advocate for championing human rights, promoting humanitarian equality of all people while traveling the world in support of organizations that assist the disenfranchised. While in the Dominican Republic, his work led to several key advancements, including the pursuit of justice for victims of gender-based violence and human/sex trafficking in the nation.